Wind farm fire risk assessments

Centurion has experience of assessing risk in the wind farm industry

A fire in a wind turbine is not only almost impossible for the fire service to extinguish but normally results in damage to the nacelle which is not only costly is a drain on business continuity.


Suppression systems work however negating the risk is a far better solution.

Centurion has first hand experience in the Wind farm industry, assessing farms for our customers such as Natural Power.

Having fire experts trained at working at heights, working alone, first aid and suitably equipped is essential for such a bespoke assessment.

Damage to property and follow-up costs

According to the insurers’ loss experience, fires at wind turbines can cause significant damage to property and very high follow-up costs due to the downtime of the wind turbine and liability claims, etc.

Property risk

Loss by fire in wind turbines may occur:

  • In the nacelle
  • In the tower 
  • In the electric power substation of the wind turbine or the wind farm
  • Switchgear, inverter, control cabinets and transformer

Let Centurion assess the risk to your wind farm

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