Fire Strategy's

Centurion are nationaly recognised in the preparation of fire strategies for all sectors of the built environment.


All buildings throughout the world have to comply with the local fire regulations. These regulations can be difficult to interpret and, if incorrectly or inexpertly applied, can have an extremely restrictive and expensive impact on the building's design. In addition, there are often many ways to comply with the fire regulations, and it takes expertise and experience to identify the best solution for the project.

Legislation changes from country to country, and even, in some cases, between areas of the same country'. Some jurisdictions even have local legislation that can impose restrictive requirements on buildings being developed in a certain area, or to certain classes of buildings only. Navigating a clear path through the relevant legislation, without having an expert within this field to guide you can seem impossible.

Our functional approach to developing what is the backbone of your building submission will demonstrate the ways in which the chosen design meets the requirements of the relevant legislation and more than this, provides a defined philosophy around which the fire safety and fire protection measures can be further defined.


The fire safety strategy is a key design document containing key information on the specification of systems, as well as full details and justification of any alternative or engineered solutions.

Such is the importance of a fully integrated fire safety strategy that, in many cases, it will form the sole basis of the submission to the relevant approvals authorities.

With Centurion Fire consulting on your side, perhaps working as part of your design team, you can be sure that your building will meet the necessary legislative requirements whilst still maintaining your design aspirations.

We have completed fire startegys in:

  • Large and complex buildings
  • Bespoke retail premises
  • Heitage buildings
  • Shopping complexes
  • Industrial units and plant processing
  • Marine and offshore industry
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Religious Institutions
  • Residential and Extra Care 
  • Licensed premises
  • Hotel industry
  • and many more

Get Centurion on your side and bring value to your project

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