Fire Engineering solutions and services

Fire Engineering has many benefits, particularly to the construction industry and those concerned with the mitigation of the effects of fire on people, property and the environment.


Among its many benefits, it can form the basis of design, especially in major projects such as airport terminals, stadiums and large atrium buildings which are of such magnitude that they cannot be designed using present technical guidance.

Centurion will take a holistic approach to your problem and where required avoid traditional prescriptive methods which are often demanded by Local Authorities and Fire Safety practitioners; these often result in limited compartment sizes and restricted escape routes with inflexible hindrance in attaining a more user friendly and aesthetically pleasing building.

Our knowledge and understanding of fire growth and smoke movement will be used to quantify a building's fire performance.

We will assess the threat to your building occupants by comparing the time to the onset of untenable conditions with that which is needed to escape safely.


Our fully qualified Fire Engineers BEngs (Hons) all of whom are registered members of the Institution of Fire Engineers (MIFireE) are committed to providing you with a highly professional and customer focused service.

A full consultation service is also available on request.

Centurion Fire taking the risk out of your premises

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