Evacuation strategies

In any emergency, the effectiveness of a well designed and planned evacuation strategy is crucial, whether this is to ensure safety evacuation of the whole building or defined parts in association with the needs and practises within.


Each strategy is bespoke; in sleeping accommodation do you want the whole hotel evacuated, in palliative care is it safe to evacuate without jeopardising the well being of the patients, in large and complex buildings will business interruption from one client effect the business of an other tenant in the same building?

Centurion have effectively created many evacuation strategies each one ensuring the needs of our client each one ensuring a safe egress of those required to vacate in a safe controlled manner.

We often measure Actual Safe Evacuation Time against < Required Safe Evacuation Times ASET


Our fire safety consultants have extensive experience in fire procedures for a variety of premises and building uses, with a sound fire safety background and understanding how all elements of the premises make up including that one questionable element "human behaviour"!

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