Who is Centurion Fire

We started back in 2008 as a group of fire experts and graduate fire engineers providing fire safety advice and fire engineering solutions to North East building contractors, architects, designers and Health & Safety practitioners.


Within time our North East customer base started expanding across the UK as Centurion became recognised as the team to turn to when a fire safety or fire engineering issue needed addressing.

We are experts in justifying how and why a design may deviate away from the norm yet still attain a high level of safety, we will provide our client bespoke options on how best to attain compliance, including assisting with negotiations between building control officials, fire service professionals and your design team. It is this commitment and understanding which makes us enviable competitors in this very technical field.

We believe that to bring value to your project then communication, understanding and professional expertise are essential. Whatever the project we tailor our response to match our clients individual objectives.

Fire Engineering Innovations

We have developed a reputation for providing innovative fire engineering and fire safety solutions, thus avoiding the shackles of prescription with proven methodologies to allow designers and building engineers the freedom to develop modern buildings. Recently following the tragic Grenfell Tower disaster a number of reputable developers have commissioned Centurion to provide BRE 135 desk top studies of proposed facades on suitability and likelihood of their design achieving compliance, Centurion having carried out both large and small scale testing of building materials allows us to independently review a proposal and advise accordingly on acceptability or design / material alteration.

We do this by always questioning the norm, understanding our clients needs and finding safe solutions rather than just re-identifying problems.

Fire Safety Consultancy Services

We aim to provide our client with the best possible service. We recognise that in the early stages of a project we need to respond quickly and develop ideas that will be a positive contribution. We believe we must always add value to a project.

Fire Risk Assessment

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires that a ‘responsible person’ must carry out, and keep up to date, a risk assessment and implement appropriate measures to minimise the risk to life and property from fire.

You should identify sources of fuel and ignition and establish general fire precautions including, means of escape, warning and fighting fire, based on your fire risk assessment.


Centurion specialise in carrying out assessments for clients as well as justifying (when safe to do so) situations where conflict arises between our clients and the Responsible Authorities, why not have Centurion fighting your corner.

Centurion Protectors of People Property and the Environment

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